1926, 1986 Chinese Zodiac – Fire Tiger

Personality and Horoscope to the Fire Tiger

1926, 1986 Chinese Zodiac Tiger – Fire Tiger – People born inside the year of 1926 (Feb. 13, 1926 – Feb. 01, 1927 ) or 1986 (Feb. 09, 1986 – Jan. 28, 1987 ) and that is Bing Yin Year are members from the Fire Tiger. For all those born before Feb. 13, 1926 or Feb. 09, 1986, they belong towards the zodiac animal of Wood Ox.

The fire tigers could get help from others luckily during the entire life and therefore are destined to become officials in career. They‘re tolerant, talented and maybe have a strong will. Also, they‘re conversationalists liking to talk fluently and endlessly when discuss questions with others. As they simply suit the action towards the word and therefore are faithful to friends, they‘re popular among the folks. The female fire tigers are mostly virtuous and smart.

Although the kindhearted fire tigers are easy to achieve success they‘re continually be cheated by others in daily life. So, they have to heighten their vigilance.

The fire tigers are endowed with intelligence and wit. They usually make a very good score in college and will successfully mix study and play. So, throughout their school days, they‘re liked by teachers and elders. However, there is a strong desire and seem just a little proud. What’s more, the excellent fire tigers possess the character of another tigers have which Isn‘t accept and hear other’s advice.

There is a happy disposition however are dissipated and unrestrained. The self-control ability to the confident people is weak. Nobody knows their thought. In behavior, they‘ve the strength of effective action. They usually do things with eagerness and vigor nevertheless the result will certainly be filled with mistakes. So, they have to ponder deeply before action.

The health condition is typically good to the confident people. However they still got to care more of their physical condition. Any delay to discover the doctor may cause them to be able to suffer more serious illness.

In family relationship, the majority of them could get along well using the relations. They might share the happiness of a household union.

As for wealth, the fire tigers usually enjoy a very good fortune throughout the entire life. Whatever type of difficulties they meet, they might overcome smoothly.


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