1938, 1998 Chinese Zodiac – Earth Tiger

Personality and Horoscope to the Earth Tiger

Earth tigers are diligent and they could express their ideas simply since they understand themselves well. With good thinking capacity and being pragmatic, they do not believe inside the theories depending on logic reasoning since they‘re practical and realistic, and that they only believe whatever they see with the own eyes. Therefore, they‘ve the potential of exploring truth and they‘re filled with wisdom. Earth tigers are extremely serious in work and they‘re practical. They seldom change their belief or concentrate on something you need because they‘ve the adventurous spirit.

Earth tigers are kind-hearted and they‘re ready to assist others, thus very reliable. Because of the generosity, they can be paid back by the folks they helped before and also have their left-over problems solved. They‘re very likely to be helped by someone in everyday life and also have good results for everything. Also, they‘re always invited by others to dinner.

Earth tigers are proud, arrogant and quite confident. Simultaneously they‘re ambitious for future years and really enterprising. Sometimes, they‘re so ambitious that individuals feel they‘re insatiable.

In work, earth tigers aren‘t content with things as they‘re, so that they often have impressing performance, thus identified by their boss. However, they have to seize the chance showing their ability and produce benefits. They’d better study further in free time and consolidate their knowledge so you can get promoted. Earth tigers are particularly clever, and there is a great curiosity about metaphysics and philosophy ; whether they can spend more time for them to study, they‘re going to make greater achievements sooner or later.

Being enterprising, earth tigers always have new ideas and they‘ll benefit plenty in the event that they discuss the plan with the partner. Earth tigers should know the threat of the 3rd party on their marriage and become more considerate for their partner instead of neglecting him / her and making him / her feel lonely, which can result in extramarital adore, even influence the career and mood of each and every other.

1938, 1998 Chinese Zodiac Tiger – Earth Tiger – People born inside the year of 1938 (Jan. 31, 1938 – Feb. 18, 1939 ) or 1998 (Jan. 28, 1998 – Feb. 15, 1999 ) and that is Wu Yin Year are members from the Earth Tiger. For all those born before Jan. 31, 1938 or Jan. 28, 1998, they belong towards the zodiac animal of Fire Ox.


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