Chinese Zodiac Story Tiger

Why will the Tiger rank the 3rd in Chinese Zodiac?

An extended, long time ago, the lion instead of the tiger would be a Chinese zodiac sign. However, the lion was too ferocious and notorious, therefore the Jade Emperor in charge of Chinese Zodiac wanted to remove the lion from possibilities and he‘d to select another animal to restore the lion. At the moment, the Jade Emperor thought from the tiger guardian in front from the Heavenly Palace.

Previously, the tiger guardian was an unknown animal upon the earth. It learnt various martial arts, for example catching, flapping, biting, rushing and jumping, coming from the Master Cat and have become a warrior inside the forest. All of the animals contesting by it were killed or injured. Ever since that day, the tiger became the king inside the forest. Later, the Jade Emperor heard the tiger was very brave, so he ordered the tiger to visit the heaven. After coming towards the heaven, the tiger defeated the guardians from the Jade Emperor and have become the new guardian.

But soon later, the animals and birds acted wildly because there was nobody to bring in charge and that they caused a disaster to human world, shocking the Land God who hurriedly reported towards the Heavenly Palace and asked the Jade Emperor to suppress the animals. The Jade Emperor sent the tiger to come right all the way down to earth and also the tiger required the Jade Emperor to record a merit for each of their victory.

For mortal world peace, the Jade Emperor granted the tiger’s demand.

After coming right all the way down to earth, the tiger learnt the lion, the bear and also the horse were the foremost powerful animals at that point, so it challenged them and defeated all of them with its power and excellent skills. Other animals ran away upon learning the news and hid inside the uninhabited forest. The mortal world was joyful and also the mortals thanked the tiger for the good deeds.

Once the tiger returned towards the Heavenly Palace, the Jade Emperor carved three horizontal lines on its forehead to its three victories. Later, the mortal world was disturbed from the East Sea Turtle Monster and also the earth was inside a flood ; the shrimps and crabs did evil in the planet. This point, the tiger came to earth again and bit the Turtle Monster to death. The Jade Emperor was so happy that he carved a vertical line among the many three horizontal lines. Therefore, an eye-catching Chinese character 王 (literally king ) appeared upon the forehead from the tiger. From then on, the tiger became the king of animals. Today, we will still begin to see the imposing Chinese character upon the forehead of tigers.

Afterward, the Jade Emperor replaced the lion using the tiger on possibilities of Chinese zodiac. The tiger became a zodiac sign as the lion was expelled towards the distant south. In fact, the tiger came towards the mortal world coming from the Heavenly Palace to stay the peace forever.


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